The Little Beard of Books: ...and a couple of moustaches!
Little Book Beards
Author O.S. Belgie
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Spruce
Publication date May 5, 2010
Media type
Pages 96
ISBN 1846013607
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The Little Beard of Books: ...and a couple of moustaches! is a book written by O.S. Belgie. It was published by Spruce on May 5, 2010.


Some beards are bushy, others are peach-fuzzy. Some are distinguished, others are scruffy. Some beards inspire love and trust (Santa's); others evoke fear and loathing (Satan's). Abe Lincoln's beard connotes patriotic devotion; Shakespeare's stands for artistic brilliance. But no matter who their wearer or what their shape, all beards have one thing in common: Crumbs get stuck in them.

With facial adornments back in fashion (anointing the wearer with a veneer of virility and intellectual prowess) men of all ages will want to consider the choices presented in this useful little book.

Inside are 40 different whiskery embellishments plucked from the broad beard spectrum, including (to name just a few) the French Fork, the Soul Patch, the Chin Puff, and the Fu Manchu.

The Little Book of Beards lets you know what each style says about you as a person, and identifies which styles will make women fall at your feet- and which might just make them run for the hills.

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